Assets & Inspections

Equipment Tracking for the 21st Century

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs by maintaining your equipment and catching problems early. With customized inspections, maintenance schedules, deficiency tracking, and so much more!

In as little as 2 minutes, you can automate your maintenance schedules and get notifications when anything is out of place. No more looking for inspection or maintenance documents!


Information Moves Fast

Keeping your jobsites working is key, don't allow out of date or missing information shut you down. Whether it is procedures, SDS sheets, or employee certifications; we have your back reducing administration time and errors.

Automating your training requirements is as easy as:

  • 1. Name the certification
  • 2. Define the audience
  • 3. Watch the StreamTECH go!

You only need to keep one place up to date to keep every place up to date! It really is that simple!

Forms & Workflow

Digitize the way you Communicate

Go digital and get rid of the hassle of dealing with paperwork. Simply create a template, define the workflow, and your users can fill them out anywhere!

With custom workflow, your forms will automatically end up in the inbox of the user who needs it, when they need it. Organize forms together within jobs to keep track of this information even if you are looking back after years. Try doing that with a filing cabinet!

HSE Events

Safety at your Fingertips

Tracking safety concerns on all your jobsites can end up making your head spin. With our safety component you tracking of this vital information is handled for you. StreamTECH will track a safety concern from initial report through the corrective action keeping users accountable along the way. With private forms users can feel comfortable reporting any issue they encounter.

When it comes time to pass an audit, all of this information is stored in the cloud making access a breeze. No more prepping for audit time!

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