Certification Tracking Made Simple

StreamTECH's Certification Tracking feature simplifies the process of managing employee certifications and training. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly keep records of qualifications, expiration dates, and training histories, all within one centralized platform. No more juggling spreadsheets or rifling through paperwork; StreamTECH streamlines the certification management process, ensuring that your team remains skilled, competent, and in compliance.

Our platform takes the complexity out of certification tracking, allowing you to easily access and update employee certification records. Whether it's tracking safety certifications, professional licenses, or specialized training, you'll have a comprehensive view of your team's qualifications at your fingertips. Plus, with automated reminders for certification renewals, you can prevent lapses in compliance and ensure that your workforce is always up to date, saving you time and reducing the risk of regulatory issues.

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Overview Tracking

Easy tools for company-wide certification viewing and reporting

Image Uploader

Upload both sides of your certification for absolute complicity in your industry

Unlimited Certifications

Flexible tools for adding unique certifications with expiry dates and certification numbers

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A Tool Designed For Efficiency and Compliance

StreamTECH's Certification Tracking feature offers a range of benefits designed to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance. By centralizing certification records, you eliminate the risk of lost or outdated documents. Our platform also simplifies the process of onboarding new employees, making it easy to verify their qualifications and training history. Additionally, you can generate detailed reports for audits or regulatory compliance, providing a transparent record of your team's certifications.

Another key feature is the ability to customize certification requirements based on your organization's specific needs. Tailor the system to align with industry standards and internal qualifications, ensuring that your employees are fully equipped to excel in their roles. And with automated reminders for certification renewals, you can rest easy knowing that your team's certifications are always up-to-date. StreamTECH's Certification Tracking feature empowers you to manage your workforce's qualifications with ease, ensuring that they are always prepared for the challenges ahead.

Enhanced Management Focus with our Safety Manager

StreamTECH's Safety Manager feature is your key to effortlessly gaining a comprehensive overview of company certification statuses. With powerful tools at your disposal, you can easily track and visualize the certification progress of your team. The feature generates informative graphs that provide instant insights into the certification landscape within your organization. Whether it's safety certifications, compliance requirements, or specialized training, our tool ensures you have a clear and concise view of your company's certification statuses.

Our Safety Manager feature goes beyond static charts; it allows you to customize filtering options, tailoring the data to your specific needs. With this customization, you can focus on the certifications that matter most to your organization. Whether you're interested in a particular department's compliance status or need to monitor the renewal of critical certifications, our tool empowers you to filter and display the precise information you require. This level of customization ensures that you can make informed decisions and take proactive steps to maintain compliance, improve safety, and enhance overall workforce competency.

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