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Revolutionize Your Business with Our Digital Forms Feature

In the realm of industrial, agricultural, oil & gas, and trucking enterprises, efficiency is paramount. Enter StreamTECH's specialized digital forms feature, designed to revolutionize the way you handle operations on job sites and streamline your day-to-day paperwork processes.

Our digital forms solution empowers industries at the forefront of progress. Seamlessly create and manage digital forms tailored to the unique demands of job sites. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to real-time data capture, all while ensuring precision and compliance.

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Empowering Local Industries:
Revolutionizing Digital Forms for Enhanced Operations

Form Builder

Use our powerful form builder tool to recreate any form imaginable.


Designate a custom workflow to ensure your forms go to the right employees.

Easy Export

Looking for a paper copy of your form? Our export tool has you covered.

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Simplify Form Workflows & Management

Transition into the digital age and eliminate the complexities of paperwork with our cutting-edge Forms & Workflow feature. Say goodbye to the hassles of manual processes – effortlessly design templates, establish streamlined workflows, and allow users to conveniently fill out forms from anywhere.

Experience the power of custom workflows that automatically direct forms to the designated recipients at precisely the right times. No more hunting down paperwork or struggling with outdated filing systems. Our innovative solution ensures forms seamlessly land in the hands of those who require them, effortlessly transforming your workflow dynamics.

Imagine the convenience of grouping forms within specific jobs, allowing you to effortlessly retrieve crucial information even years down the line. Traditional filing cabinets can't compete with the efficiency of our digital solution. Embrace the future of streamlined data management with Forms & Workflow from the StreamTECH platform.

Elevate your business processes and embrace the era of digitization. Experience a level of organization and efficiency that redefines success. Try Forms & Workflow today, and witness the transformation firsthand.

Empower Your Vision with Template Builder: Crafting Forms, Your Way

Introducing the game-changing Template Builder, an integral component of our Forms & Workflow feature. Imagine having the creative freedom to construct a vast array of forms, tailored precisely to your needs. With our intuitive interface, the possibilities are limitless – from simple data collection to intricate questionnaires, we've got you covered.

Whether you're envisioning customer surveys, job applications, safety inspections, or feedback forms, our Template Builder provides the canvas for your ideas to flourish. Drag and drop elements, customize fields, and structure your forms exactly as you envision, all without the need for coding expertise. The result? Seamlessly designed, professional-grade forms that reflect your unique requirements and brand identity.

Gone are the days of adapting to generic templates or being bound by rigid form designs. The Template Builder liberates you, enabling swift and effortless creation of tailored forms. Elevate your data collection process, enhance user experiences, and maximize engagement with your clientele. Experience the synergy of creativity and efficiency with the Template Builder, a cornerstone of our Forms & Workflow feature. Your vision, our platform – the perfect partnership.

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