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Optimize Your Workforce Management

StreamTECH introduces our powerful Timesheets & Scheduler feature, designed to simplify shift scheduling, time off requests, and employee calendar management. Our platform is tailored for businesses seeking to enhance their operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

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Streamline Workforce Management:
Shift Scheduling, Time Off Requests, and More

Shift Scheduling

Easily create and manage employee shifts, ensuring optimal coverage and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Time Off Requests

Streamline the process of handling time off requests, ensuring that all requests are managed efficiently and fairly.

Who's Working

Keep track of who is working at any given time, ensuring smooth operations and effective team management.

Auto Scheduler

Utilize our auto scheduler to automatically generate optimal shift schedules based on your criteria and preferences.

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Comprehensive Timesheets & Scheduler for Enhanced Workforce Management

A Simplified Solution for Shift Scheduling, Time Off Requests, and Employee Calendar Management

The Timesheets & Scheduler feature optimizes how your organization manages your workforce. Our integrated system provides a seamless experience in creating, implementing, and tracking shifts, managing time off requests, and overseeing employee calendars and schedules.

For shift scheduling, our tools enables easy creation, notification, and tracking of employee shifts. Ensure optimal coverage and minimize conflicts with our user-friendly tools. Managing time off requests becomes effortless, allowing for fair and efficient handling of all requests.

Our "Who's Working" feature provides real-time visibility into your workforce, ensuring smooth operations and effective team management. The auto scheduler tool generates optimal shift schedules based on your specific criteria, enhancing overall efficiency.

With StreamTECH's Timesheets & Scheduler, you empower your business with tools that not only streamline essential processes, but significantly contribute to your overall operational excellence and productivity.