Document Storage

Securely Store, Organize, and Retrieve Important Documents

Managing critical records and documentation is a breeze with StreamTECH's Document Storage feature. Say farewell to the days of physical filing cabinets and scattered files. Our platform provides a centralized digital repository to house all your important documents, ranging from safety reports to compliance records, training materials, and operational documents. With everything in one place, you'll enjoy efficient organization and easy access, enabling your team to find the information they need swiftly.

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Powerful Document Management

Custom Folders

Manage unique folders for the company, and individual employees.

All File Types Supported

Uploaded any file type you can imagine, everything is supported, no limitations here.

File Editor & Viewer

Mark-up and edit images, view text and video files, and much more.

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Easy Access and Data Integrity

StreamTECH's Document Storage feature offers both easy access and robust security for your critical documents. With a user-friendly interface, authorized personnel can quickly locate and retrieve the documents they need, saving valuable time and reducing administrative hassles. Simultaneously, our platform prioritizes data integrity, ensuring that your records are safe and unaltered. Whether it's safety reports, compliance records, or essential operational documents, StreamTECH provides a secure environment that instills confidence in your document management.

Our commitment to data integrity extends to customization. StreamTECH allows you to tailor the document storage environment to suit your specific needs. Customize access permissions, document categories, and metadata to align with your organization's unique requirements. This flexibility ensures that your document management system is not only secure but also highly adaptable. StreamTECH empowers you to organize and manage your documents in a way that enhances your workflows, supports compliance efforts, and encourages seamless collaboration.

In addition to easy access and customization, StreamTECH's Document Storage feature promotes efficient collaboration and compliance within your organization. Collaborate effortlessly by granting team members access to the documents they need in a controlled and organized environment. No more searching for scattered files or worrying about version control. StreamTECH streamlines your document management, enabling you to maintain compliance records with ease. Whether it's ensuring adherence to industry regulations or facilitating teamwork across departments, our platform empowers you to optimize your document-related processes for enhanced efficiency and success.

Upload Any File, Markup Images, Read Text Files

StreamTECH's Document Storage feature offers versatility in document handling by allowing users to upload a wide range of file types. From PDFs and Word documents to spreadsheets, images, videos, and more. This flexibility ensures that you can centralize and organize all your important documents, regardless of their file type, within either a company or user directory. Whether it's training materials, useful information, or images related to safety or compliance, StreamTECH simplifies the management of diverse content types.

With StreamTECH's Document Storage, you gain access to a built-in image editor that empowers you to make pre-upload edits. This feature is especially valuable when dealing with visual documentation, such as images of equipment, inspection findings, or safety hazards. Additionally, StreamTECH's image and text file reader simplifies the review process. Easily view and navigate through image and text files, making it straightforward to examine documents, reports, or images associated with safety, compliance, or operational procedures, further streamlining your document management tasks.

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