StreamTECH Security

Security You Can Trust

At StreamTECH your data security is our top priority. Our professional staff and automated tools monitor service performance for problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We employ state of the art technology to maintain high-standards of data security and ensure that your information is safe, communications are secure, and businesses are protected.

Our focus is to not only deliver dynamic solutions, but, also keeps customers’ data safe and secure. The trust and security of customers is valued above all. And to validate this, we have developed a strict security policy that covers how your data is accessed, transferred, stored, and protected by StreamTECH.

Protecting Your Data

While you concentrate on your work, StreamTECH protects your data by saving it on premium servers that make use of modern storage and advanced security techniques.

100% Secure Transmission

To protect your data when it travels from your browser to StreamTECH’s data centers and vice versa, the connection is encrypted by default using SSL. This is the highest level of security offered, same as in banks, which leaves no room for any errors or insecure transmission.

No Unauthorized Access

To ensure a stricter access restriction, StreamTECH grants only authorized team members the access to your data.

Network Access Restriction

As a StreamTECH account holder, You control who accesses your data, and what they can see and do with it. Each employee you add to StreamTECH must create a secure account with a private password that nobody can see — not even the CEO of StreamTECH. We also offer multiple permission levels that let you limit the access privileges of each user. This means that if you want your employees to enter fill out forms, but not edit them, StreamTECH permissions will make it so.