StreamTECH Careers

What is StreamTECH

StreamTECH is a leading business management platform for both small and large companies. We deliver an in-depth digital platform that reduces downtime, increases communication, and allows for companies to work smarter. We have saved countless hours of unnecessary overhead and expenses. It's our mission to not only help them grow, but to save them both time and money.

Your next job is waiting

We are looking for talented individuals, who are self-driven, excited about technology, and are great to work with.

Our team is made up of a group of incredibly smart, kind people who get things done. People who are comfortable taking on big ideas and figuring out the details that matter most. We want people with goals and ambitions outside of there career, who are excited to learn new skills, rather than just all-work, all-the-time.

We want driven people who move fast and ship, getting things done even in the absence of a complete plan. We also want people who are patient and calm, accepting that most things will be mostly imperfect most of the time. We especially value people who are capable and responsible, who don't wait to be told what to do next.

People who thrive in traditional corporate structures and office environments often do not enjoy the experience here. There's a lot of free-form collaboration and experimentation which means it's both harder to coast along doing the minimum, or play politics to climb the career ladder. Our team is passionate about their craft and talented at what they do, but none of us take ourselves or the world around us too seriously. We laugh at ourselves, and each other, a lot — so there isn't much room for self-importance.

How Do I Apply?

We are still working on our careers page, however send us your resume at and we'll reach out if any opportunities arise! We look forward to meeting you.